At Impakta, we specialize in transforming your knowledge and ideas into Corporate Enablement content for employee empowerment and Marketing Content Creation. Our Learning Management System is designed to assist you in achieving your objectives.

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Ideas, Technology, and People: Bringing together the best of the whole world

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Content Production

You bring the expertise, we produce the content.

Stop thinking about who will produce your next piece of content or if you have enough budget. We have a specialized team that will make your ideas look professional at a fair value.
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We will help you create high-quality content to develop your staff, providers, and customers without investing thousands of hours a year.
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Our core business is the E-Learning Platform, but we know that your E-Learning project won´t go too far without high-quality content.
Stop worrying about the high value per minute quotes to create your content, work with freelancers to manage multiple providers.
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E-Learning Platform

Make it look like your own.

We have developed a platform that will cover all of your needs. From podcasts to Certifications we can provide flexible functionalities.
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Content Upload

You will be able to upload the content in the format that best suits you, Video, Office Docs, PDF, and audio.
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Forums, Challenges, quizzes, Exams, and more to come.
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Administrator Module

Enjoy our Self-service platform, don't rely on others' time, or need to hire a platform expert.

Need to charge for your content?

Everything is ready to receive payments worldwide.
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